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Survey Data: Teachers Share Their Shopping Habits

We were so curious about back-to-school shopping habits and style choices of teachers.  So, we surveyed a fine bunch, and received over 200 responses from teachers all over the nation.  And, here’s the data!

(image via Banana Republic)

Primary goal when dressing for school:

44% Being comfortable all day (52% of elementary teachers)

38% Conveying a professional mature look (53% of high school teachers)

16% Looking stylish

2% Staying clean despite working with kids

In selecting your school clothing, what do you care care most about:

55% Expressing personal style

27% What techers/administrators think

9% What parents think (14% of elementary school teachers)

9% What students think (18% of high school teachers)

Most frequent footwear choice:

55% Flats

34% Sensible Shoes

11% Heels

Can you wear jeans to school?

49% Only on casual days like field trips

45% Totally acceptable

6% Never

When it comes to denim…designer or discount?

57% Designer (64% of middle and high school teachers)

43% Discount

Vince denim (50% off), James Jeans, Joe’s Jeans (30% off)

Biggest challenge in shopping for school clothing:

45% Finding clothing that look young enough to be hip but old enough to be taken seriously

34% Stylish clothing on a teachers salary

19% Clothing that goes from classroom to recess to teachers night out

2% Kid-safe clothing

How do you describe the style of your school’s faculty?

71%  Must grade on a curve – we’re a mix

18%  We get an A: our group looks good

11%  Hot Mess! We could use a makeover

How do children in your school dress?

32% Brand name, high fashion

27% Uniforms

27% Torn jeans and graphic tees

15% Hand-me-downs and outdated styles (elementary 23%)

How much do you spend on clothing, shoes & accessories annually?

30%  Under $499

31%  $500-$999

28%  $1000-$1999

12%  $2000+

Thoughts?  Was this information surprising?  Expected?

Methodology: Shop It To Me surveyed over 200 teachers all across the nation during the month of July 2010.


1 Teachers Weigh In! Back-To-School Shopping Wants & Needs | Shop It To Me Blog { 08.18.10 at 8:48 am }

[…] It To Me surveyed over 200 teachers all across the nation during the month of July 2010.  See the complete results. […]

2 Wrecked Stellar { 08.18.10 at 8:41 pm }

Wow, it was surprising to see the amount of students who spend over $1000- I never tracked what I spent in high school but I doubt it was $1000!

3 HollyinHeels { 08.19.10 at 9:19 am }

VERY interesting! A bit surprised by how much teachers are willing to spend on clothes (and how much kids wear “designer”, sheesh!). Great post!

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