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Bye Bye, Passwords

At Shop It To Me, we think it’s time to say goodbye to passwords.

Why?  First of all, passwords are inconvenient. For security, you need a unique, “hard-to-crack” password for every site you frequent. They’re hard to think up and easy to forget.  (How many times have you resorted to the “forgot password” button?) Sure, password managers can help — unless, of course, you want to login on your mobile app!

What’s more, passwords just aren’t that secure any more. Cyber-attacks are rampant – and it’s not just Heartbleed: there are new revelations almost daily that some popular site has been “compromised.” Last week, it was eBay warning us to change our passwords; next week, who knows?

We think there’s a better way, and we’re excited to announce that our new version of the Shop It To Me mobile app eliminates the need for a password.

That’s right!  You won’t need to set a password at signup. You won’t need to remember or change one. You won’t need to login via Facebook (although you can if you’d like).

Instead, you simply type in your email address and receive a one-time link. When you click the link, it will auto-log you into the app. And you’ll stay logged in until you choose to log out.

We believe our new login is safer, easier and just plain better than passwords. (It’s also more fun!)

So try out our iPhone App and let us know what you think!

bye bye passwords

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3 Huge Updates to the Shop It To Me iPhone App

At Shop It To Me, we believe that you know what you love, and that our job is to find it for you on sale in your size.  We’re always looking for ways to do that even better, which is why we’ve updated our iPhone app with some new features to make shopping faster, easier and more fun. Here’s what’s new in the latest version:

“Heart” for price drop alerts

Up until now, when you checked your sales on your iPhone, you’ve been able to “heart” items and save them for later. But now when you “heart,” you’ll immediately set yourself up to receive a price drop alert if and when that hearted item gets marked down further. You asked for price drop alerts — we listened!

Tell friends, get rewarded

Shop It To Me has grown to millions of users almost exclusively by word of mouth. We love rewarding you for telling friends about us and we’re making it easier for you to that with our updated app. Now you can invite your friends by email, text, Facebook or Twitter; when 10 of them sign up, you’ll receive a $20 gift card to your favorite retailer—like Nordstrom, Starbucks or Sephora.

invite friends, get rewarded

Refine, sort and filter – your way!

We all have a preferred way of shopping, depending on what you’re looking for: some of us are “sort from low-to-high price” people while others are “just show me the shoes”-types. Whatever your strategy, our updated app lets you efficiently shop your sales the way you want to see them—whether that’s by item type, price or brand.


We’re sure these these updates will make the Shop It To Me iPhone app even better. If you have other suggestions, let us hear them! And don’t forget to update your brand and size preferences for spring and summer, so we can make sure we bring you what you love!

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Follow us on Social Media


This holiday reminds us of the things we love most. Family, friends and sales! And the fun begins tomorrow! Are you ready? Friends don’t let friends miss sales so be sure to follow us on social media and we’ll keep you in the loop about the best sales happening.


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Get What You Love Faster with Shop It To Me’s New iPhone App

Love your Salemail, but wish there was a better way to check for sales when you’re on the go? Wish no more!  We’re excited to announce the launch of Shop It To Me for iPhone. It’s personalized for you, just like your Salemail. Now, you can receive daily alerts on your iPhone featuring all the new items on sale, in your size, from the brands and designers you love.


Finding the clothing brands you love on sale in your size has never been easier or more fun. We still do all the legwork for you, checking the top department stores and specialty retailers for what’s marked down. And, we still make sure your sale alerts feature only clothing and accessories in your sizes from the brands you want to see.

We want to be the best personal shopping assistant, which is why you now can check your customized sales alerts anytime, anywhere, any way you want – via email, our website or right on your iPhone.

You also told us that you wanted a way to save items. So, our mobile app — like our updated Web site – will let you “heart” favorite items to save them for later. (But don’t save them for too long, or you might miss out on a great sale!)

Shop It To Me for iPhone is available in the App Store starting today.

And, stay tuned for our new social shopping feature, coming soon!


November 18, 2013   1 Comment

Shop It To Me Launches iPhone App


—Customized clothing sales alerts now available on the go—

SAN FRANCISCO, NOV. 18, 2013 Shop It To Me, the free personal shopping assistant, has introduced its first iPhone app, making it easier than ever for shoppers to buy the clothing they want on sale in their size – just in time for holiday shopping.

Shop It To Me has been delivering personalized sale updates to its shopper-members since 2005, alerting them when clothing brands they love are on sale in their sizes. Shop It To Me searches more than 100 online department stores and specialty retailers to uncover sales on items that exactly match each shopper’s preferences. Relevant sale items are compiled into a single email and delivered to the shopper, who can click through to a retailer to make the purchase.

Now, members can get those customized sale alerts right on their smartphones as well as via email and online, so they can check for sales anytime, anywhere.

“Consumers want to shop sales but are tired of being bombarded with emails from dozens of different retailers pushing everything under the sun,” said Charlie Graham, founder and CEO of Shop It To Me. “We let you see when just the items you care about go on sale in your size.”

“At Shop It To Me, personalization is part of our DNA.  We act as the personal shopper, searching all the top retailers and bringing each person only the things she cares about, in the sizes she needs, all in one sales alert. With our new mobile version, she can feel confident that she won’t ever miss a sale on something she loves!”

Shop It To Me for iPhone is part of a new unified interface that enables shoppers to check their latest sales, to save favorite items for later and find out what’s trending.  The mobile app is available exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.  Shop It To Me plans to add social shopping to its offerings this winter.

About Shop It To Me:

Shop It To Me is a free personal shopping assistant. It lets millions of shoppers know when brands they love go on sale in their sizes. Shop It To Me works with more than 100 leading retailers to find out what’s on sale and provides members with shoppable updates featuring just the brands and sizes each one cares about. Founded in 2005 by Charlie Graham, Shop It To Me is privately held and headquartered in San Francisco.


Press contact: Margie Cader


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How We’re Making Shop It To Me Better for You

At Shop It To Me, we have one purpose and one purpose only: To be the best online personal shopping assistant on the planet! We’re always looking for ways to make your experience better.

You told us what you like most about Shop It To Me:

“It’s super personalized!”
“It’s quick and easy to keep up with the latest looks.”
“You collect my favorite brands so I don’t have to go to 20 Web sites to find sales.”
“The daily email is my favorite, and I look forward to receiving it every morning”.
“It’s like a daily paper to me. I try to look through it in my lunch break, though sometimes I can’t wait that long.”

We listened, and, in the next few weeks, we’ll introduce some changes to bring you a more interactive and unified shopping experience. Of course, we’ll still be doing all the legwork to bring you exactly the items you want, on sale, in your sizes. But we think the new Shop It To Me will be a better, faster, smarter personal shopper.

What will change?


First, we gave our website a makeover! Starting this week, you’ll now see a fresh new Shop It To Me. More than just a pretty face, the new look makes it easier for you to tell us just what you want, to save favorite items and to make scrolling through all your sales less overwhelming. You’ll find this new look and feel in your Salemail, too, and in our soon-to-be launched mobile app.


Yes, starting mid-November, you can check your Shop It To Me on the go! You’ll be able to see what’s on sale in your size when and where you want – and you’ll never have to miss a sale again! We’ll be giving you more details about the mobile app as the launch date gets a bit closer.

Also coming soon: New features and a more “social” Shop It To Me. Stay tuned for details.

We hope you like the new, unified look and the site enhancements. We think they will make your Shop It To Me experience better than ever. Let us know what you think!


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Meet some of our newest Shop It To Me staff!

With our recent launch of Shop It To Me Threads, we’ve had the pleasure of hiring several new employees! They’re a fabulous new group, ripe with style, wit and startup-y quirks. Meet some of the newest members of our team!


What’s your name?

What department do you work in?

Where do you hail from originally?
Sacramento, CA

What’s the last thing you bought online?
Magic Cards

Having just launched Shop It To Me Threads, what is your favorite Thread?
Casual Friday

If you were an ice cream what flavor would you be?
Vanilla chocolate swirl with sprinkles

Since we’re all about saving time here, what’s a time-saving tip you can share?
Use VIM for coding

Funniest trend or clothing item you’ve come across since working here?
The Shop it to Me Engineering shirt that says “I satisfy millions of women daily….”

Any hidden talents or special skills?
Impeccable sense of style

Anything else you want to share?
Go Bears! (Cal Bears that is)


jennWhat’s your name?

What department do you work in?

Where do you hail from originally?
Palo Alto, CA

What’s the last thing you bought online?
Yikes, I’ve been ordering a TON lately, I think the last thing was Converse low tops in Kombu Green. How can I choose just one?!

Having just launched Shop It To Me Threads, what is your favorite Thread?
I’d have to say I’m really loving all of the trending color Threads like Oxblood, Emerald and Cobalt. I am also a huge fan of The Outnet Thread

If you were an ice cream what flavor would you be?
Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie

Since we’re all about saving time here, what’s a time-saving tip you can share?
Always be prepared. I keep these three things in my wallet at all times just in case: a safety pin, a band-aid, and a book of stamps. I can’t tell you how many times they’ve come in handy

Funniest trend or clothing item you’ve come across since working here?
I heard a rumor about a plaid crop top for men…

Any hidden talents or special skills?
The Giants always win when I’m there (I’m currently accepting invites for next season)

Anything else you want to share?
If I could I would eat my body weight in berries

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Shop It To Me Threads Launch Party!

After several months of hard work and awesome teamwork, we were thrilled to launch Shop It To Me Threads, our latest endeavor as we continue our mission to be the world’s best personal shopping assistant. We thought it only appropriate to throw a soirée with our staff, and Shop It To Me friends & family in honor of the new site we’re so proud of. Take a peek at our party pics!

Shop It To Me Threads balloons!

Custom and delicious Threads cookies


Threads suggestions coasters


Life-size Threads demo


Our CEO/Founder, Charlie!


Shop It To Me friends and staff


Shop It To Me gals, Caitlin, Ilana, Genevieve and Kelly


Shop It To Me dudes, Alex, Rafael and Jeremy, getting their plaid on as usual


You can’t have too many sweets!


Shop It To Me studs, Jenn, Alex and Kenneth


Rich and his adorable family!


Josh and his fashionistas!


Blood orange mimosas!


Dapper dudes.


Fab footwear.


Shop It To Me friends Melissa and Meredith, and Shop It To Me gal, Natalie!


The venue: Bravado, where we shot our Threads videos


Shop It To Me ladies, Maurissa and Jenn


Drinking and lounging!


More Shop It To Me friends


So excited about Threads!


Gangnam style, the Shop It To Me way


Ilana, the mastermind behind the party!


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Our staffers use Shop It To Me Threads for Thanksgiving Sales

At Shop It To Me HQ, we’re all jazzed up for this weekend. We’ve got the inside scoop…and there are a boatload of sales happening! We’re also elated to use the new product we just launched, Shop It To Me Threads, to help navigate through the sale madness and find the loot we each personally care about.

Here’s how three of our staffers plan to use Shop It To Me Threads this coming weekend and on Cyber Monday:


I’m trying not to shop for myself for right now so I can save money to buy holiday gifts for my family and friends. That being said, I will still be checking out some cyber Monday sales :)
The one thing I’m keeping an eye on is a C+C vest that I tried on during a recent Friends and Family sale. I put it on hold but didn’t have time to go back the next day to buy it! I set up a Thread for “vests” so I can see if it goes on sale at any retailer. I would also be interested in purchasing a similar vest so the vest Thread will be a great place to check for those.
Lastly, there are a few Kate Spade accessories that I think my mom would love for Hanukkah so I will definitely be keeping a close eye on my Kate Spade Thread!



I’ll probably set up new Threads for specific retailers that I love, like Shopbop, Piperlime, Nordstrom and 7FAM and check them out on Cyber Monday. This will give me a good idea of the discounts they’re offering, so I’ll compare and contrast them.
I’ll also check my Threads for my favorite brands, like 7 For All Mankind, Frye, Free People, BB Dakota, and Dolce Vita. Since Threads pulls my preferences from every retailer that offers these brands, this will be the perfect way to check the lowest price on items I’ve been eying.
Another way I’ll use Threads is to create a list of gift ideas for my family. Since there are 6 people I have to buy for (in my immediate family), this will be the PERFECT place to star items as I see them in the next few weeks, put them all in one place and pull the trigger when I’m ready to go nuts buying presents.  I’ll probably create another list of great gift ideas for friends as well.



I plan to use it to shop all the sales I care about, all in one place.  I have Threads for my favorite brands and my favorite stores so instead of having to hunt all over, I’m going to shop all everything right from Threads.

Specifically, I have Threads for moto jackets, military jackets, anoraks and bags — I’m keeping an eye on all of them. I really need a new work bag for winter.

I’m checking all my store Threads (Bloomingdale’s, The Outnet, Saks, Nasty Gal, Shopbop) in case any of them have great deals, especially on NYE dresses. (Trying to start planning way earlier this year!)

I’m also keeping an eye on My Starred Items, in case any prices drop.


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Introducing Shop It To Me Threads, A New Way to Shop: YOUR Way



A note from our Founder/CEO, Charlie Graham:

Since I launched Shop It To Me in the summer of 2005, I have been passionate about building the world’s best online personal assistant for shopping.  Our first product, Salemail, was a huge improvement over what was available at the time. But even then, I knew we could do better.

That’s why I am so excited today to announce the public beta release of our new product, Shop It To Me Threads. It’s the culmination of five years of work and I’m convinced it will revolutionize the way you shop for clothing.

Central to Shop It to Me Threads is our belief that every member is an individual — with individual preferences, individual ideas, individual ways we want to shop. You may love clothing but you do not always love the same things your mom loves or your Facebook friends love.

We understand that and we designed Shop It To Me Threads to give you a completely individualized experience – one that will be different from everyone else’s because you can customize it to be just for you.  You tell us what you love and just like a great personal shopping assistant, we give you updates on the things that are most important to you.

With the introduction of Shop It To Me Threads, we are raising the bar for online clothing shopping. Most sites today try to guess your needs and wants by “spying” on you through the online equivalent of a surveillance camera.  After watching you from afar, they make recommendations based on what they think you might like – without really understanding who you are or what you want.

We believe in a different model – one that is simpler and more transparent:  we ask you what you what you want… and then we deliver it.

Isn’t that what a personal shopper should do?

And while, we are asking, one more thing:

If you noticed above, I said Threads is in “beta”. Threads has tremendous potential and we are still at the very beginning of what it can become. We are making it public now because we want you involved in its development. Tell us what you love and hate about it, so we can make changes and improvements, and deliver on our vision of bringing you the world’s best personal shopping assistant.

As you use it, if you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know at

For more what Shop It To Me Threads does, check out this video:
YouTube Preview Image

And for a tour of Shop It To Me Threads, check out this “How It Works” video.
YouTube Preview Image

For the official Shop It To Me Threads press release, click here.

Happy Shopping!

– Charlie Graham, Founder & CEO

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