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Twin Week at Shop It To Me HQ

Who said it’s a bad thing to dress alike?!  Last week, two of the gals from the Shop It To Me office, Caitlin and Ilana, took it upon themselves to dress alike every single day.  See the outfits the two of them concocted below… how cute are they?!  We consider this a true lesson in San Francisco start-up style.

We were fortunate enough to get the inside scoop on what was behind Twin Week, and some of the juicy details. Check out our interview with them below!







What inspired Twin Week 2012?  
We realized we had a lot of similar clothes so we challenged ourselves to dress the same every day for a full week! Once Monday’s outfit fell into place we knew we were going all the way.

Did anyone at Shop It To Me notice that you were dressed alike all week? What was the reaction?
Sadly it took a few days (and a few not-so-subtle hints) for people to catch on. By the end of the week people were getting us confused. We were thinking alike, acting alike and sounding alike. While the developers were more tight-lipped on the matter than the girls at Shop It To Me, we are pretty confident they were our biggest fans.

Very impressed with the attention to detail that went into this (hair styles, glasses, etc)!  What was the hardest part of planning your outfits?
Believe it or not Tamra, it was the small details that were the easiest to execute. Laundry and weather turned out to be the two biggest obstacles. Making sure we had the items in common was a breeze, but making sure they were clean on the same day was the real challenge! This week being uncharacteristically warm for San Francisco was another consideration we had to take into account when deciding on outfits.

What other ideas did you have that didn’t make the cut?
We were toying around with the idea with wearing dresses one day, but had to reconsider because of our less than pristine modes of transportation to work (Muni and Bart!). Our Google Doc was full of outfit possibilities that were beat out by stronger ensembles.

Anything else you want to share?
We want people to know that we didn’t play it safe this week. We took a lot of risks, for example white pants. Keeping these clean all day was no small feat. We are 100% committed to Twin Week so if one of us got a stain, we knew what that meant for the other. Twin Week 2012 has been such a success that we are considering continuing on with weekly Twin Day Tuesdays… stay tuned for more details!

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Chat with our Founder/CEO

We’re excited that Charlie Graham, the Founder/CEO of Shop It To Me, is holding “Office Hours” tomorrow on  If you aren’t familiar with Levo League, it’s a site that provides valuable career advice, professional wisdom, networking and job postings for women starting out in their careers.  ”Office Hours” gives members the chance to participate in conversations with successful business leaders.

So, join tomorrow — Charlie will be on hand to take your questions about his career path, how he started Shop It To Me while in business school, the day-to-day challenges of building a start-up, and more.


When: Tomorrow!  Thursday, July 12th, 3pm ET/12pm PST

Where: Simply click here to access “Office Hours”, or visit

What: Hear Charlie’s background, share your questions, and chime in via Twitter too!  (Use hashtag #LLOHours, @imcharliegraham, @shopittome, @levoleague)

See you then!


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Shop It To Me Just Got Even Better!

Not everyone shops the same way. We understand that, and we’ve redesigned Salemail with a new personalization option that lets you decide how you want your sales news organized:  by retailer, by category, or by brand.  After all, your personal shopping assistant should suit your personal shopping style.


Update your preference with a simple click here. Just select the organization method you prefer, which will take effect for your next Salemail alert! And don’t worry, if you ever change your mind you can always click the link at the top of your next Salemail or log on to Shop It To Me and change your organization preference again under “Your Account Settings”.

Email Organization Page

At Shop It To Me, we’ve always had one goal:  to make it effortless for you to find the best prices on the clothes and accessories you want in the sizes you need. We hope you’ll agree that this new feature makes it quicker and easier for you to find exactly what you love.

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Shop It To Me Staffers: Meet Caitlin!

We’re excited to introduce the newest member of our Shop It To Me team — Caitlin! As our marketing intern (and childhood friend of Ilana, our office manager), she’s rapidly filling her days with exciting marketing projects, learning the ropes around our super-cool HQ and keeping up with our collectively odd sense of humor (or perhaps she’s just being polite). Get to know her more…


What are some items you keep on your desk at work that keep you sane during the day?

My planner.  It helps me keep track of all the different things I have going on. Whether it be work or social commitments, it gives me one place to organize it all and not worry about forgetting anything.

If you could have one time-saving super power, what would it be and why?

Insta-cleaning.  I love when things are neat and organized but I find that when I’m busy I rarely have the time to clean as thoroughly as I would like.  If I could snap my fingers and have things instantly organized my life would be amazing!

Caitlin's style

What’s your favorite recent purchase?

My green Lacoste Melbourne sunglasses.  When I bought my Ray Ban Aviators I was a die hard fan, but these shades have become my new staple.  I like that they’re more original than the classic aviators and go with almost anything.

Do you have any tricks when it comes to making your commute less painful?

Good music.  I try to update my iTunes pretty frequently so that I always have new music to get me excited for the day.

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We’re On The TODAY Show! Plus, More Stylish Maxis Under $100

It’s a happy Friday around here as style expert Amy Goodman featured pieces found on Shop It To Me in a maxi dresses for the ages segment on TODAY with KLG & Hoda.

We were so excited that Amy searched Shop It To Me to find an affordable dress for Benita, a beautiful woman in her 60s. Though the brightly-colored Chicos maxi and Jones New York sweater quickly sold out, here are other under-$100 options that are long on style!


Not yet a Shop It To Me member? Sign up here for sales on the brands you love in your sizes.

For more of Amy’s spot-on style advice, follow her on Twitter or pick up her book, Wear This, Toss That!.

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Shop It To Me Staffers: Meet Ilana!

We’re a hard-working and passionate crew here at Shop It To Me, saving you time and money finding your favorite designer goods. Take a peek behind the scenes to meet our fast-paced, energetic and quick-witted office staff, starting with Ilana, our baker extraordinaire Office Manager. While she isn’t filling our tummies with decadent home baked goods, she’s taking care of logistics, planning events and amusing us with random facts and funny photos. Get to know her more…


What’s your favorite time-saving site or app?
Is it cheating to say Shop It To Me? I don’t really use many apps, I’m all about handwritten to-do lists!

What are some items you keep on your desk at work that keep you sane during the day?
Votre Vu hand lotion, an All Blacks (New Zealand Rugby Team) mug, and my beautiful old-fashion composition notebook. I used to bring snacks but I would always finish them all by 9:00 am so I had to stop bringing those in.

If you could have one time-saving super power, what would it be and why?
Definitely teleportation… I would never have to sit in traffic again!

What’s your favorite recent purchase and some favorite brands?
I just bought a Vince cashmere ombre sweater on sale at a consignment store, and a really cute beaded clutch from Forever21 that looks like it cost a lot more than $25! My favorite brands are Rebecca Taylor, Vince and Sperry Top-Sider


How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Do you take any shortcuts or time-saving tricks in your routine?
It takes me about 20-25 minutes to get ready. I always grab a Balance Bar for breakfast (S’mores flavor is the best!) so that doesn’t take any time, and when I first wake up I turn on pump-up music so I have no choice but to get moving.

Do you have any tricks when it comes to making your commute less painful?
I always read CNN and ESPN on my phone while I’m on the bus which is fun and feels semi-productive.

Do you have any “weird” habits or talents you’re willing to share?
I’m an air-drummer in an air band called the Tuhtle Boiz! It might be a stretch to say I’m talented at this so maybe it’s more of a hobby…

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Lose an hour, gain a day

At Shop It To Me, we love making shopping convenient. Our whole mission is to be your personal assistant for shopping. In our office, everyone is obsessed with being the first to share a new app, site or service that saves time and makes life easier.

So, to help you counter the impending loss of a precious hour this Sunday, we’re sharing some of our current faves for getting more from your 24 along with tid-bits on why these melt our butter. Though this weekend breezes by at a faster clip–put these tools to work and uncover more time to enjoy spring fever.


Uber –Request a car from any mobile phone. Within minutes, a professional driver in a sleek black car arrives curbside. It’s like having E-Z pass for a car service while everyone else is scrambling during a taxi shift change.

TaskRabbit – Our office manager is obsessed with TaskRabbit, the site she uses to find local service providers who can handle our HQ’s time-sucking tasks like post office runs, supply deliveries and the like.

NextBus – The women in our San Francisco marketing and biz-dev departments love this for optimizing their commute time, as does our CEO. Check the app and know exactly when the next bus is expected to arrive and leave your home or office at the exact right moment.

Seamless — Our marketing VP orders in her favorite neighborhood Thai and Indian food at least once a week from Seamless. She loves how it stores your favorite restaurants and items you’ve ordered so you can re-order those go-tos with one easy click.

Nutshell Mail – An across the board fave. A few times a day we get a summary from Nutshell Mail that shows everything happening in our Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn streams. Saves us the time of visiting the sites individually.

Baby-Connect – If you have a baby, love data and are a bit anal–this is nirvana (we’re calling out our CEO on this one!). A simple app that helps you stay on top of your baby’s daily routine (diaper changes, food consumed, naps taken) and development.

BluePrintCleanse – They think, you drink! Enough said.

Kiwi Crate – If you’re a parent, aunt/uncle or caregiver for a 4-8 year old, this is the bee’s knees. Each month a new hands on project arrives. You get the time to do something creativity-inspiring with your little one vs. wandering Michaels for something curiosity-provoking to do. Ever since a few of our Engineers who have young kids got wind of this, their curiousity has been piqued!

Exit Strategy NYC — Our marketing VP’s favorite iPhone app. Tell it which subway station you’re getting out at, and it will tell you which car to be in to be in the optimal place to be near the exit staircase. Total NYC time-saver when running between meetings.

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Video with Chief Stylist Annie Ladino and BeChicMag

We’re long-time fans of the fabulous Mercedes Sanchez and her lifestyle site, BeChicMag. Not only does Mercedes cover the best of what’s happening in fashion, beauty and entertainment, but she also creates awesome videos where she’ll interview notable folks, share fun DIY’s and more.

Her latest edition just so happens to be a focused on Shop It To Me, and features our very own Chief Stylist, Annie Ladino. They’re chatting about what to buy in February…so check it out below, then hurry to get your shop on. There are still a few days left!

Like what you see? Be sure to swing by BeChic TV for a library of style-focused entertainment. Enjoy!

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New Brands: Equipment, Suno, Theyskens’ Theory and More!

We are excited to announce that our list of brands just got a little longer…and a lot more awesome! You can now shop sales from fabulous designers including Equipment, Dsquared2, Suno, Joy Cioci, Add Down, Theyskens’ Theory and more.

Below are a few of our must-have picks from these new additions…

New Brands: Equipment, Suno, Theyskens' Theory and More!

1. Torn by Ronny Kobo dress (30% off) 2. A.L.C. leather jacket (50% off)

3. Equipment blouse (30% off) 4. DSquared2 platform sandals (30% off)

5. Fallon medallion necklace (50% off) 6. Suno drape dress (50% off)

7. Shakuhachi romper (85% off) 8. Theyskens’ Theory coat (50% off)

Want to add these new brands to your profile? Just login to your account and click the “New Brands” tab. Then just check ‘em off and hit SAVE.

Lastly, we’re always welcome to brand recommendations — if there’s something we’re missing, please leave us a little note in the comments field and we’ll do our best to add it to our offering!

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Shop It To Me Tumblr: Follow Along!

Did you know that we’re on Tumblr? Follow us for fashion inspiration, street style, insider sales and so much more.

Shop It To Me is on Tumblr!

Shop It To Me is on Tumblr!

Shop It To Me is on Tumblr!

Shop It To Me is on Tumblr!

Shop It To Me is on Tumblr!

Shop It To Me is on Tumblr!

Shop It To Me is on Tumblr!

Shop It To Me is on Tumblr!

Shop It To Me is on Tumblr!(click through images for source)

Well, what are you waiting for? Click HERE to check out our page and join in on the Tumblr fun!

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