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Fashion Expert Rachel Zalis’ Fave Looks for Rocking your Coachella Style

Coachella kicks off on April 11, and if you’re lucky enough to be heading to this year’s music and arts festival, you’ll want to watch style expert Rachel Zalis’ picks for that laid-back desert look. She shared them during a fashion show on E! News Daily, including a few sweet pieces she found through Shop It To Me.

To edit your Shop It To Me brand preferences, visit and select “Brands” or just click here. Below are the brands we suggest to update the one staple in everyone’s wardrobe. And don’t forget, you’ll see them as soon as they go on sale!


Haute Hippie Dress $163
Straw Hat $20.99
Free People Cuff $19.95
Dolce Vita Sandals $38.49
Dolce Vita Booties $119
Kelsi Dagger Bag $76.99
Rory Beca Romper $136


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Beachwear Brands for Spring


Spring is finally here and it is the perfect time to add a new swimsuit to your repertoire. Whether you’re planning an upcoming cruise, spring break or romantic getaway to somewhere warm and sunny, it’s important to update your look. Here at Shop It To Me, we made a selection of all the beachwear brands you should have on your radar. You’ll find all the hottest 2014 beachwear trends in this round up whether you’re loving crochet, macramé, bustiers, neons or nautical. 

To edit your Shop It To Me brand preferences, visit and select “Brands” or just click here. Below are the brands we suggest you add to your spring wardrobe refresh. And don’t forget, you’ll see them as soon as they go on sale!



Here is a little preview of what you will find:

Blog Post

1. Joie Crochet Top now $147.99 (40% off)
2. Trina Turk Swimsuit now $94.99 (45% off)
3. Mara Hoffman Cover-up now $174.20 (33% off)
4. PrAna Hat now $22.99 (45% off)
5. Missoni Bag now $65 (30% off)
6. Clover Canyon Shorts now $74.99 (60% off)
7. Havaiana Flip Flops now $35 (20% off)
8. Marni Sunglasses now $175.50 (55% off)
9. Zimmerman Bikini now $154 (30% off)

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Presenting the 2014 Style Olympians

Psychedelic light shows, weather complaints, leggy Russians, ankles giving way to wipeouts – the Sochi Olympics and NYFW have a lot in common. While we’ve been poring over the shows nonstop, and obviously have all things shoe, bag, and runway on the brain here at Shop It To Me, we’ve also come down with a small bout of gold-medal-fever – so we’re calling some major style influencers to the podium and handing out mashup awards of our own. Presenting the 2014 Shop It To Me Fashion Olympians. Now if only Johnny Weir could present them.

Cross Country – Ladies 10k – Atlantic Pacific
Getting that East-meets-West coast style compass aligned just right takes a skilled eye, and Blair Eadie gets it right every time. Her high-low, casual-structured looks work from the Haight to the Bowery – the epitome of a cross-country gold.


Alpine Skiing – Women’s Super Combined Downhill – Bleubird Vintage
Her gorgeous blog is the ultimate in Pinterest candy. She cooks, she decorates, she raises four very photogenic children – all while looking totally stylish and adorable. We often wonder how James Kicinski McCoy does it all, and still find time to play the ukulele – and that’s why her, and her Nashville-based brood – win for Womens’ Super Combined Downhill.


Freestyle Skiing – Ladies Moguls – Liliana Vazquez

Cheap Chicas founder Liliana Vazquez, the adorable, indomitable blogger-turned-tv-personality-turned-author-and-everything-in-between has enough on the docket for three normal humans. But, like any Olympian, she’s no normal human – she’s our favorite mini-mogul.


Bobsleigh – The Chriselle Factor

We’ve always loved Chriselle Lim’s sleek, sophisticated style, but her recently cropped ‘do took her look – and our hair envy – to the next level. Gold medal level. Whether perfectly coiffed in curls or sexily mussed, her blunt cut bob truly slays us.


Alpine Skiing – Women’s Super G – Glamourai
We know quite a few stylish ladies whose chosen monikers start with G, but Kelly Framel of The Glamourai takes this one for her sometimes bling-y, always statement-making style that, to us, borders on Super G-nius.


Speed Skating – Ladies 5000 – Happily Grey

Some people explode onto the fashion and blogging scene with a sprinter’s anaerobic ferocity, and that’s definitely the case for Mary Lawless Seng. Her earthy and accessible style raced her to the front of the effortlessly-chic, laid-back style pack in little over a year. If that’s not a gold in speed skating, we don’t know what is.


Ice Dancing – Man Repeller
Ice dancing is the Olympic equivalent of the drop-crotch pant – most guys take a glance, maybe stare for a second, and turn the other direction. That’s why we’re awarding the gold in the most man-repelling of sports to Leandra, the original ManRepeller. We can even see her in a (leopard print) skirted leotard.


Luge – Men’s Singles Run – Menswear Dog
He’s constantly stalking babes in SoHo, wearing flannel shackets and the finest selvedge denim. By some counts he’s in his late 20s, his prime. He’s reached the apex of singledom. Yes, we’re talking about Menswear Dog. The ultimate bachelor and ladies man wins for Luge Men’s Singles.


Curling – Women’s Gold Game – Michelle Phan
How to curl your hair with paper bags. How to get soft, flowing, Rapunzel-worthy curls. And, how to curl your lip at your ex-boyfriend. YouTube beauty vlogger Michelle Phan offers up so many kinds of expertise, that we wouldn’t take curling advice from anyone else – so, obviously, she wins curling gold.


FreeSTYLE Skiing – Aerials – Refinery29
Our go-to stop for off-the-cuff fashion and lifestyle recs, Refinery29 also happens to be the best on the interwebs for statement-making style inspiration – the kind we’d pay for, if we could afford a stylist. We’d give them a perfect score in freeSTYLE anything, but especially the aerials event – it takes a special kind of risk-taker to follow their high-flying style.

SeaofShoes (1)

Figure Skating – Pairs Free Skating – Sea of Shoes
Who better than Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes to win the Pairs event? Not only is the fiery redhead queen of pairs (of impeccable pumps), she’s also phenomenal at perfectly pair-ing her clutches with her clogs with her hats with her high-waist skirt suits. And she and her mom make a pretty great pair as well.

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Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Have Received Retailer Offers For Stuff They Don’t Want

Ever receive an email offer from a retailer for apparel or accessories you wouldn’t buy in a million years? Something that made you ask,“what were they thinking?”– like an offer on kids’ shoes, when you don’t have any children? Or for men’s underwear, when you’re a single woman?

We know this type of irrelevant email is annoying – that’s one reason we started Shop It To Me. But we were curious about how big a problem this really is and decided to conduct a survey to find out. After all, retailers collect lots of data on what we buy, so they should be able to guess what we want. Right?


Our survey (conducted online by Harris Interactive) of more than 2,000 U.S. adults age 18 and older found that 63% have received “irrelevant” emails for clothing, accessories and shoes in the past three months. Here’s what else we learned:

• 34% received emails offering items that are too expensive
• 32% received offers for “styles I don’t wear”
• 22%, for “designers/brands I don’t like”
• 22%, for the wrong age group
• 18%, for the wrong gender

The problem doesn’t appear to discriminate by income, age, education or marital status — although women are more likely to receive off-target email offers than men (66% vs. 60%, respectively), while men are more likely to get offers for the wrong gender than women (23% vs. 13%). Women also are more likely than men to receive email offers for items that are too expensive (40% vs. 29%).

Interestingly, only 30% of U.S. adults say they’ve received email offers that were sent without their permission in the past three months. Which begs the question: why sign up for emails when so many of the offers are off-target?

At Shop It To Me, we don’t guess what you want. We only send you relevant sale news about the items you want, in your sizes, from your favorite brands. And, since we partner with more than 100 retailers, you can clear all the clutter out of your mailbox without ever missing a sale you definitely DON’T want to skip!

Click here to update your brand preferences to ensure Shop it to Me has you covered this holiday season.


Survey Methodology
This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of Shop It To Me from November 19-21, 2013 among 2,082 adults ages 18 and older. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. For complete survey methodology, including weighting variables, please contact Margie Cader at

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Four Ways You Can Get An Even-Better Price on that Sale Item

Mark Ellwood, whose Salemail features John Varvatos, Marc Jacobs and Fred Perry, offers Shop It To Me members these four tips from his new book to help you score the best possible deals online.


1. Don’t hit ‘check out’ without asking for a better deal

Many shoppers assume that the posted sale price is non-negotiable. Not true. The retailer may have over-bought and might be under pressure to clear out the item you want to buy. Before making the purchase, IM with customer service: Are any additional discounts available? How about free shipping? It doesn’t always work, but it never hurts to ask.

2. Practice cart abandonment

Nothing worries a retailer more than a shopper who logs in, places an item in her cart and then closes the window without completing the sale. Clearly, you were about to make a purchase and got distracted. They REALLY want you to come back and finish your purchase. Many will email you a “reminder” within 24 hours – and offer you an additional discount to close the sale.

3. Take things out of context

Retailers engineer product context – both in-store and online — to make sale prices look cheaper than they are. They surround “sale” items with high-priced ones, to make you think you’re getting a good deal. So you aren’t misled by this, take the item you want to purchase out of that retailer-engineered context and look at it again. Is it really a bargain? (Does that $500 bag still look like a deal when it’s not sitting next to one that’s $1,200?)

4. Don’t shop while stressed

This is a corollary to the rule of not shopping for food when you’re hungry. Like hunger, stress hormones interfere with the brain’s ability to make good comparisons and smart decisions. If you shop when you are feeling stressed, you’ll make impulse purchases that you will regret later. So, put on some classical music, do some deep breathing … and wait for the “headmaster of your brain” to take back control before you shop. Mark lists John Varvatos shoes, shirts and fragrances (“I’m obsessed with Varvatos!”) among his top Shop it To Me finds. His biggest “score” was a lilac-striped shirt that makes him feel like a cross between Mick Jagger and Gordon Gecko. Mark also keeps Gucci shoes on his Salemail, hoping someday to find a pair of classic loafers on sale in his size.

Mark Ellwood’s new book “Bargain Fever” will be published on October 17, but is available for preorder hereIf you order a copy of the book before October 17, you’ll even receive a BONUS chapter, Bargain Fever: The Manual, which features 100 tips and tricks to help you save money and shop smarter, from airline tickets to TVs. Forward the proof of purchase to and you’ll receive this manual by email after publication.




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Gift Guide: Mother’s Day

Our fashion experts have scoured the best retailers to find fun and affordable gifts for Mom. Follow our new Thread “Gift Guide: Mother’s Day” at

Here’s a sneak peak at the goodies you’ll find:

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 11_opt

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Fall Trends from Shop It To Me featured on Wendy Williams

Thanks so much to the Luxury Spot‘s Bryce Gruber for pulling a few pieces from Shop It To Me for her fall trends segment on the Wendy Williams show. We were wigging out of course.

Here are some similar items:

Missoni scarves: blue ($156.99), green ($86.99) | Free People sunglasses: 3 colors available ($9.95)

If you want to find your own trendy Oxblood items in your sizes, log onto your Shop It To Me search page and type “Oxblood” or “Burgundy” items into the top search bar. Here are some gems we found via search today:

oxblood and burgundy

1. Chloe sunglasses $100 | 2. Pour La Victoire pumps $122.50 | 3. KORS Michael Kors pumps $87.75 | 4. A.L.C. jersey dress $116 | 5. Diane von Furstenberg sleeveless cardigan $172.50

Then, turn your hands down and give us your best “How You Doin?”

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Happy 5773!

Many of us at Shop It To Me will be observing the Jewish holidays. We all want to look our best for these occasions, but what to do when you can’t run out to buy something new?

We asked some trusted sources for help and they offered the following advice for transitioning summer wardrobe pieces for fall:

Tracey Lomrantz Lester, Contributing Style Editor at Glamour says the High Holidays give her an excuse to “look more ladylike than I normally have occasion to. I love the idea of dressing up a simple, solid-color sheath — especially one I’ve gotten great use out of all summer — with some very uptown accessories. Think wide-brim wool or felt hat, a few chic brooches worn near the shoulder (I love clustering three or four of them together!) or a pair of textured tights that bridge the gap between summer and fall perfectly.”

Tracey says a great way to get more mileage from your sleeveless summer dresses is to layer something underneath rather than put a cardigan on top. “You look so polished with a crisp white button-down shirt under your sleeveless dress. A black turtleneck works really well, too.”


Tracey Lomrantz Lester picks

Chloe dress | Oscar de la Renta brooch | Sonia Rykiel brooch | Christian Dior pumps | Nicole Miller tights

Style and Beauty expert Jenn Falik says her go-to piece for the High Holidays is “a pencil skirt just fitted enough to reveal a shape.” She pairs the skirt with either a jewel-toned secretary blouse or a slim-cut cashmere sweater with 3/4 length sleeves in a more somber shade.

“Your office basics can easily transition into something occasion-appropriate for the high holidays,” she says.

Jenn Falik picks

Theory blouse | Narciso Rodriguez skirt | Raven clutch | Rachel Roy cardigan

Marci Penn, stylist and buyer at Hirshleifers, one of the country’s most celebrated specialty stores, says her clients want to look chic and sexy, but appropriate. “We sell a lot of fitted dresses (think Victoria Beckham, Roland Mouret, DSquared2) with synagogue-suitable detailing such as cap sleeves.”

Marci agrees that a pencil skirt with a silk top and a cropped jacket or cardigan is a classic look. She suggests re-using a silk underpinning from spring/summer (in chartreuse, orange or fuschia for example) with a classic V-neck black cardigan, pencil skirt, and black boot or bootie.

“You can glam up your look with hosiery, or a classic pump with a bit of edge – like a pair of red velvet pumps.”

Marci Penn picks

Yves Saint Laurent dress | DKNYC dress | Rebecca Taylor blouse | Rampage booties | DKNY cardigan | Vince Camuto skirt

Lila Delilah of MadisonAvenueSpy says weather at this time of year “can be a crapshoot. Choose items that are summer weight but can easily be paired with a sweater. Cashmere is always dressy, warm and cozy.”

“A huge part of dressing well is dressing appropriately. It might be tempting to get lured into buying an evening cocktail dress for double duty, but it usually doesn’t translate well,” she says.

Finally, like our other experts Lila says, “Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize! Hats, belts, necklaces, bracelets…you just can’t have enough. We especially love celebrating the new year with some new jewelry.”

Lilah Delilah picks

Nordstrom Collection sweater | Missoni necklace | Rebecca Taylor sweater | ADAM blouse | Kate Spade necklace

So, if you’re getting ready to observe the Jewish holidays, remember these three great tips: repurpose something that’s already in your closet, mix in some great new accessories to create a fresh look … and don’t forget to shop the sales!

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Fit tips and trends from a savvy swimwear expert

Swimsuit shopping is an undertaking, to say the least. With swimwear deals flooding our Shop It To Me emails recently, it’s the perfect time to score big, and get late-summer use out of some new pieces.

Luckily one of our fabulous Trendsetters, Susan, Director of Social Media Marketing for and contributor to their blog Beauty and the Beach, was excited to answer some of our questions surrounding the must-knows of swimwear! See what this sun-loving gal spilled to us in a recent interview. and Beauty and the Beach

Shop It To Me:  Swimsuit shopping can be a bit daunting. What are some tips you can give to fit and flatter your body type?

Susan:  The first step to finding your perfect swimsuit is knowing your body and its overall shape.  For example, if you’re pear-shaped (narrow shoulders, smaller bust, fuller hips and bigger bottom), you want to choose swimsuits that help balance you out.  Choosing an embellished top (think fringe bandeau tops or tops with ruffle detail) paired with a dark solid-colored bottom will help emphasize your top half and minimize your bottom half.  Also don’t get too caught up on the size tag, as all brands and styles run differently.  You may be an extra-small in one brand or style and a medium in another.  Next time you’re shopping for a swimsuit, refer to this simple swimsuit style guide for every body shape.

SITM:  You were just in Miami for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, what does the future hold for swimwear trends?

S:  For 2013, fringe is literally EVERYWHERE, so hopefully you’re not tired of seeing it already!  Also we noticed a ton of bustier-style tops with sweetheart necklines which will be perfect for the beach or paired with your favorite pair of denim cutoffs.  We also spotted a ton of nautical-inspired pieces; although the nautical look is a classic trend in swim and resortwear, we saw some pretty cool updated versions.  In terms of color, pastels were definitely having a major moment, especially soft shades of mint, yellow and peach. See some sneak peek photos from the week below:

2012 swimwear trends

SITM:  What are some classic swimwear styles to invest in that won’t go out of style?

S:  Every woman must have at least one LBB, a.k.a little black bikini, in her swimdrobe.  Like the LBD, a LBB is sleek, sexy and 100% timeless; furthermore, they come in a wide variety of styles and silhouettes!  You should also have at least one bikini that features a classic print, such as polka dots, stripes or animal prints.  You never have to worry about them going out of style and they’re perfect for mixing and matching throughout the years!  Finally, even the most diehard bikini-wearers should invest in a cute one-piece—trust me, you’ll thank me later!

SITM:  What’s the most expensive or crazy swimsuit you’ve ever seen?

S:  I’m pretty sure I once saw an itty bitty diamond bikini in an old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.  I think it was worth $30 million or something… and I think Molly Sims was modeling it!

SITM:  What’s your favorite affordable swimwear brand?

S:  One of my favorite brands, Vitamin A by Amahlia Stevens, makes a really great younger, more affordable “Silver” line.  The styles still feature that amazing Vitamin A fit but they have a much lower price point.  Furthermore, many of the styles are reversible so you can get multiple bikini looks for the prices of one.  Check out the line here.

SITM:  What are some swim-worthy items you’ve come across recently in your Shop It To Me email?

S:  Here are some great items, clockwise from top-left: Marc by Marc Jacobs bikini, BCBGMAXAZRIA tank dress, Juicy Couture floppy hat, Steve Madden sandals, Tory Burch clutch

Swimwear items from Shop It To Me


SITM:  What are some of your favorite of-the-moment items from

S:  Here are some great products that we have available now: swimwear pieces

Ula La Ruffle by PilyQ (great LBB example) | Periwinkle by Vitamin A Silver (great example of classic polka dot print AND it’s by Vitamin A Silver—the brand I mentioned as my favorite affordable brand) |Trancoso by ViX (another great animal print example)

Be sure to follow on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

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Twin Week at Shop It To Me HQ

Who said it’s a bad thing to dress alike?!  Last week, two of the gals from the Shop It To Me office, Caitlin and Ilana, took it upon themselves to dress alike every single day.  See the outfits the two of them concocted below… how cute are they?!  We consider this a true lesson in San Francisco start-up style.

We were fortunate enough to get the inside scoop on what was behind Twin Week, and some of the juicy details. Check out our interview with them below!







What inspired Twin Week 2012?  
We realized we had a lot of similar clothes so we challenged ourselves to dress the same every day for a full week! Once Monday’s outfit fell into place we knew we were going all the way.

Did anyone at Shop It To Me notice that you were dressed alike all week? What was the reaction?
Sadly it took a few days (and a few not-so-subtle hints) for people to catch on. By the end of the week people were getting us confused. We were thinking alike, acting alike and sounding alike. While the developers were more tight-lipped on the matter than the girls at Shop It To Me, we are pretty confident they were our biggest fans.

Very impressed with the attention to detail that went into this (hair styles, glasses, etc)!  What was the hardest part of planning your outfits?
Believe it or not Tamra, it was the small details that were the easiest to execute. Laundry and weather turned out to be the two biggest obstacles. Making sure we had the items in common was a breeze, but making sure they were clean on the same day was the real challenge! This week being uncharacteristically warm for San Francisco was another consideration we had to take into account when deciding on outfits.

What other ideas did you have that didn’t make the cut?
We were toying around with the idea with wearing dresses one day, but had to reconsider because of our less than pristine modes of transportation to work (Muni and Bart!). Our Google Doc was full of outfit possibilities that were beat out by stronger ensembles.

Anything else you want to share?
We want people to know that we didn’t play it safe this week. We took a lot of risks, for example white pants. Keeping these clean all day was no small feat. We are 100% committed to Twin Week so if one of us got a stain, we knew what that meant for the other. Twin Week 2012 has been such a success that we are considering continuing on with weekly Twin Day Tuesdays… stay tuned for more details!

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