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SURVEY RESULTS: The Best Place To Spend your Tax Refund

Are you among the lucky ones expecting a tax refund this year?  With the average refund projected to be nearly $3,000, we wanted to know how – and where — you’d spend that kind of mad money if you could.*

Seems you are a practical bunch who would opt to buy a full spring wardrobe (83%) rather than blow it on one crazy, high-ticket item (17%).



There was less agreement about where you would shop for that wardrobe, if you had to do it all in one store.  Nordstrom came in first at 19%, with Bloomingdales in second place at 7%.  There was a near-tie for third place between Anthropologie (5.5%) and  J.Crew (5%).  Other top ten stores were Macy’s, Saks and Neiman Marcus.


Not surprising, when asked which department would be your first choice for spending your entire tax refund, 65% of you chose clothing; shoes and bags came in a distant second and third (at 16% and 15%).

As far as the spring trends that would most get your green, the top three responses all revolved around color — with Pastel (20%), Orange or Tangerine (17%) and Neon pieces (11%) topping the list.  You were less enamored by printed pants, pleated skirts, and peplum (under 5% each).

And, while we may or may not be “feeling the love” for our tax accountants right now, we do love our favorite “CPA” brands!  Your top choices for splurging with that refund were Chanel (16%), Prada (30%) and Anthropologie (24%).


No matter what your faves, the best way to fiscally responsible with your 2012 budget is to keep your Shop It To Me profile up to date. That way, you’ll always get the best prices on the brands you love.

*Methodology: Results are based on 480+ respondents from a survey fielded by Shop It To Me the week of April 2-6, 2012.


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SURVEY RESULTS: Taking the “Tax” Out of Daily Living

Tax season will soon be gone, but it’s not the only thing that we find “taxing”.  In fact, some things tax us all year long.

We wanted to know about the biggest drags on your daily routine, so we could help with some solutions.  (Perhaps, the perfect use for that extra cash you might be getting back from Uncle Sam?) Here’s what you told us about the most taxing parts of your day!

Who hasn’t awoken in the AM and wished for a personal valet, makeup artist or chauffeur to get them out the door? According to our new survey, more than 50% of you find getting groomed (shower/shave, hair/makeup) and deciding what to wear to be the most taxing parts of your morning routines (28% and 25% respectively).  The commute to work rounded out the top three responses with 19% of the vote.


 Photo via

During the day, about 40% of you say that completing your daily to-do list is the most taxing. Responding to emails and phone calls came in second at 20%, and handling miscellaneous admin tasks was third at 19%.

At nighttime, completing household chores (30%), making dinner (23%) and getting to the gym/working out (21%) are the things that tax you most.

Our team suggests using a little of your refund to help tackle some of these taxing tasks. For example:

  • Splurge on the services of a personal stylist (check out Urban who can simplify and rationalize your wardrobe–saving you time every single morning.
  • Hire a professional organizer. While it won’t eliminate your to-do list or household chores, it will provide you with tools for streamlining and managing daily tasks. You can find one in your area on
  • Outsource dinner.  Services like eliminate the tedious parts of meal preparation, while ensuring that you and your family get a healthful, home-cooked meal.

No refund coming?  How about these do-it-yourself solutions:

  • Be your own stylist. Spend a few weekend hours going through your wardrobe and assembling outfits; then snap photos and post your favorite looks on your closet door.  You won’t have to think in the morning, just copy the photo!
  • Involve the kids in dinner preparation. They can help with table setting, veggie-cleaning and milk pouring.
  • Bring the gym home. Purchase an inexpensive rebounding trampoline (via Craigslist or eBay) and get in your exercise while you watch TV.  (Think of all the money you’ll save.)

And don’t forget Shop It To Me!  While we can’t rescue you from having the tax man cometh, we can be your personal assistant when it comes to shopping. Put us to work to find the pieces you want on sale in your sizes. It’s just that simple!

Methodology: Results are based on 480+ respondents from a survey fielded by Shop It To Me the week of April 2-6, 2012.


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Survey results: the hour women most want to lose

It’s nearly Daylight saving time, that annual day when we “spring ahead”, giving up an hour so we gain extra daylight in the early eves.

Since our raison d’etre here at Shop It To Me is to save the time-starved by making shopping for the clothes you want fast and easy, we thought it would be interesting to ask members how they feel about the impending clock change.

More than half of you said change your clocks as you get ready for bed Saturday night, while another third wait until Sunday morning.  Not surprisingly, our survey found that 82% of you are looking forward to it staying lighter out later each evening.  10% are unhappy about getting up in a darker morning.

We were most curious about which hour of the day you would most like to give up if you had a choice.  Almost 38% would be happy to lose an hour of laundry and household chores; 28% would gladly give up an hour spent in meetings, and 22%, an hour of commuting or chauffeuring duties.


What would you do if you could get that lost hour back?  We were surprised to learn that only 28% of you would sleep!  More than 18% would spend the hour with family or friends and 17% would watch TV or read.  Interestingly, Shop It to Me members are almost twice as likely to spend the hour exercising (16%) as having sex (9%).  Note to significant others, you might lament that stat.

Finally, 12% of you said that, if you had the extra hour back, you would spend it shopping!  (Now, that’s our kind of people!). Stay tuned for tips from some busy bloggers on how they eke out more from their daily 24, a Michael Kors watch giveaway, and special daylight saving-themed pop up shops featuring time-saving wardrobe workhorses.

Methodology: Shop It To Me, the free online personal shopper, surveyed female online shoppers March 2-6, 2012.  The data is based on 986 responses.

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Survey Results: Treat Yourself 2011

If you simply can’t leave a shop without something for yourself in your shopping bag, you are not alone. In fact, according to Shop It To Me’s latest shopper survey, 85% of us spend on ourselves during the holiday. (Special shout out to Parks and Recreation’s @azizansari and @jokediva Retta–you aren’t the only ones who love to “Treat Yo Self”).

What’s more, 15% admit to splurging on big ticket items, while the rest say they buy “several little things” for themselves.

Of course, those “several little things” can add up: 70% of the shoppers responding said they spend more than $100 on themselves; 32% spend more than $250.

And what do we want to treat ourselves to this holiday season?

  • 21% of respondents have Boots at the top of their gift-for-me shopping lists — and 63% of those boot shoppers say they want tall ones most of all.
  • Handbags and Shoes are in a tie for second spot at 10% each. Handbag shoppers are targeting hobo/shoulder bags (40%) and shoe shoppers want either platforms or wedges (40%) or flats (34%).
  • Fully, 18% of respondents are looking for a Party Dress or something for a Special Occasion.

When it comes to current trends, most popular planned self-purchases are trendy jewelry or menswear inspired watches (26%), Crossbody bags (25%) and Lace (24%). Shoppers are much less excited about Leather leggings or dresses, printed denim and neck-tie blouses.

A full 75% of shoppers acknowledge having purchased two of an item – one for someone on their gift list and one for themselves!

The joke about women hiding packages from their significant others may not be such a joke after all: 41% admit to doing this, with 15% doing so “all the time”.

Oh … and that 15% of us who plan to treat ourselves to a big ticket item? We are looking at some serious splurging: the top five brands on our “lust lists” are Coach, Christian Louboutin, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors.

Wonder if we should wrap them ourselves, too?


Methodology: The survey was conducted November 17-20, 2011 and included responses from more than 880 female Shop It To Me members.

For a good laugh, check out this “Treat Yo Self” clip from Parks and Recreation:

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image


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Survey Results: Shoppers Wait for Fall and Holiday Sales

This year, smart shoppers are waiting for fall sales to snag must-have items for their seasonal wardrobes.

Results from a new Shop It To Me Fall Trends and Holiday Season survey of shoppers show that 63% have bought a few items, but are waiting for sales to purchase the rest, while 25% are completely waiting it out.  The pressure is on for retailers — if an item is marked down under 30%-off, only 23% of shoppers considered it to be a “good deal”.  And, according to a recent WSJ article, consumers can expect very competitive pricing from retailers this holiday season, good news for the majority of shoppers who are patiently hanging on.

As for spending habits, 60% of shoppers will be spending about the same amount on others this year as compared to last year, but 25% seem to still be feeling the economic pinch: they plan to spend less this year on others than last.  And, even more true for shopping on self: 35% plan to spend less this year than last on purchases for themselves.

Where will people be shopping this year? Nearly 70% said they’ll be shopping both online and in stores with more than half (58%) doing the online shopping at work!

While consumers want to take advantage of sales, most (56%) consider themselves over inundated with e-mails and alerts from retailers.  Charlie Graham, Founder & CEO of Shop It To Me said, “Internet shoppers are receiving more e-commerce emails than ever before (some getting 30-50 emails a day), and quite frankly, it is overwhelming!  Shop It To Me was created as a way to help shoppers alleviate this pain-point, yet still be able to take advantage of the abundant sales most relevant to them.  We deliver just the brands and sizes you personally are looking for, so you don’t have to sign up for every email on the planet.”

The survey also revealed which trends are most popular this season among the ladies. Currently, the top three coveted styles are menswear-inspired items (35%) followed by leggings (34%) and military looks (32%). As for fall footwear, ankle booties were the clear winner (38%), with ballerina flats taking second place (20%).


For complete survey questions and results, click here.


Shop It To Me (, the free online personal shopper, surveyed a sample of shoppers about their fall/holiday spending habits, and received over 350 responses between October 8-12, 2010.

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Survey Data: Teachers Share Their Shopping Habits

We were so curious about back-to-school shopping habits and style choices of teachers.  So, we surveyed a fine bunch, and received over 200 responses from teachers all over the nation.  And, here’s the data!

(image via Banana Republic)

Primary goal when dressing for school:

44% Being comfortable all day (52% of elementary teachers)

38% Conveying a professional mature look (53% of high school teachers)

16% Looking stylish

2% Staying clean despite working with kids

In selecting your school clothing, what do you care care most about:

55% Expressing personal style

27% What techers/administrators think

9% What parents think (14% of elementary school teachers)

9% What students think (18% of high school teachers)

Most frequent footwear choice:

55% Flats

34% Sensible Shoes

11% Heels

Can you wear jeans to school?

49% Only on casual days like field trips

45% Totally acceptable

6% Never

When it comes to denim…designer or discount?

57% Designer (64% of middle and high school teachers)

43% Discount

Vince denim (50% off), James Jeans, Joe’s Jeans (30% off)

Biggest challenge in shopping for school clothing:

45% Finding clothing that look young enough to be hip but old enough to be taken seriously

34% Stylish clothing on a teachers salary

19% Clothing that goes from classroom to recess to teachers night out

2% Kid-safe clothing

How do you describe the style of your school’s faculty?

71%  Must grade on a curve – we’re a mix

18%  We get an A: our group looks good

11%  Hot Mess! We could use a makeover

How do children in your school dress?

32% Brand name, high fashion

27% Uniforms

27% Torn jeans and graphic tees

15% Hand-me-downs and outdated styles (elementary 23%)

How much do you spend on clothing, shoes & accessories annually?

30%  Under $499

31%  $500-$999

28%  $1000-$1999

12%  $2000+

Thoughts?  Was this information surprising?  Expected?

Methodology: Shop It To Me surveyed over 200 teachers all across the nation during the month of July 2010.

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Savviest Celebrities & Those Most Wanted To Shop With

American women love Michelle Obama’s style.  And, according to a survey Shop It To Me recently conducted, they also think she’s one of the savviest shoppers around.

We asked over 900 women to write in the name of the celeb they think is the savviest fashion shopper, more than 8% named Mrs. Obama-second only to Reese Witherspoon who garnered 9% of the ballot.  Jennifer Aniston, Rachel Bilson, and Tyra Banks rounded out the Top 5 list:


We asked a second group of 600 women to identify which celebrity they would most like to go shopping with, and the results were a bit different.  Aniston shot to the top of the list with 9% of the votes and Witherspoon fell to second place with 6%.   Mrs. Obama didn’t make the top five, although “What Not To Wear’s” Stacy London (4%), Oprah (3%) and Anne Hathaway (3%) did.


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Breaking News: Survey Results Show Women Still Shopping For Shoes/Accessories!

We put out this press release today — some very exciting findings from a survey conducted among our subscribers!


-New Survey Finds That Certain Accessories May Be Recession-Proof-

San Francisco, CA, June 15, 2009-Consumers may have reduced their overall spending in the current recession, but one place many women simply refuse to cut back is on shoes and handbags.

That’s according to a just-completed Shopping Habits Survey conducted by Shop It To Me (, a free online personal shopper for clothing sales.  More than 900 women from across the U.S. participated in the survey.  While half of all respondents said they are spending less overall on clothing and accessories, 34% are still splurging on great shoes and 22% are willing to spend extra on the perfect handbag.

Not surprisingly, the survey found that most shoppers do look for good deals.  In fact, only 11% of respondents reported paying full price more often than not, while 22% said they always buy on sale.  The remaining two-thirds of respondents indicated that, although they occasionally pay full-price, they look for bargains most of the time.

What constitutes a bargain these days?   At least 40% or more off regular price, said the overwhelming majority of survey respondents.  In fact, 27% insist on discounts of 50% or more.  Only 7% consider the traditional 20%-off sale a good deal.

In today’s economy, shopping on sale seems to be a source of pride: 80% report that they are eager to share details of the great deal they scored when someone offers a compliment on a clothing item purchased on sale.  (The other 20% like to let their friends think they paid full price!)

Sale shoppers continue to hunt both online and in-store for those great deals. And, while many respondents are convinced that they find the best deals online, they don’t like to pay for shipping.   Fully 75% say they won’t spend more than $10 on shipping charges.

Finally, when it comes to online shopping, 63% of respondents admit to doing it while at workeven though 20% say they have to sneak to do so!

The Shopping Habits survey was conducted online during the week of June 1 among Shop It To Me subscribers from across the U.S.   There were 940 respondents.   Selected questions and responses from the survey follow.

Selected Survey Questions and Responses

(Total Respondents = 940)

Are you spending more or less money on clothing/accessories than last year?

49% — Spending less

35% — Spending about the same

16% — Spending more

What are you still splurging on*?

34% — Shoes

22% — Handbags

15% — Work clothing

12% — Formal wear

10% — Jewelry

4% — Jackets/outerwear

38%– Not splurging on anything

When was the last time you bought a full-priced item of clothing?

22% — Never pay full price

28% — Several months ago

39% — Recently

11% — I buy full-price more often than sale

What is the minimum percentage off that you consider a good deal?

6% — 70% off or more

21% — 50% off

36% — 40% off

30% — 30% off

7% — 20% off

Do you shop online while at work?

14% — Yes, and I ship my boxes here, too.

29% — Yes, but I ship my boxes to home

19% — Yes, but secretly!

37% — No!

*Respondents asked to “select all that apply”

#   #   #

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