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Brooklyn Fashion Unzipped: Popular brands neighborhood by neighborhood

As New York slowly winds down from the mad frenzy of Fashion Week, it got us wondering about the sartorial preferences of this stylish city. We’ve previously zoomed in on Manhattan and Queens fashion preferences, and now we turn the spotlight on Brooklyn.

The borough is buzzing with such tastemakers as the President and Executive Creative Director of J. Crew (Jenna Lyons), and the designers behind Hayden Harnett (Toni Hacker and Ben Harnett).  Brooklynites had insiders buzzing during Fashion Week, whether it was the Vena Cava team (Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock) with their nod to the ‘90s or the fresh talent at Williamsburg Fashion Weekend. We figured now was as good a time as any to dig into the top brands selected by Shop It To Me members who reside in Brooklyn and share the surprising shakeout with you.

So what fashion brands do denizens of different Brooklyn neighborhoods prefer?  Here’s what our data shows:


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Mixing the high and low are Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

These neighborhoods favor Miu Miu and Chloe along with Free People and Betsey Johnson. While Williamsburg residents are fans of Gucci and Ralph Lauren, Greenpoint seems to demonstrate a preference for affordable style with Steve Madden, Diesel and Levi’s rounding out the frequently selected list.

Favoring the flashy are Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Juicy Couture and GUESS are high on the brand lists of BedStuy and Bushwick residents, with the latter showing a propensity for the love-em or hate-em coziness of Uggs. Bushwick residents also favor the sportiness of Nike and The North Face—but they don’t go crazy for DVF and J. Crew, which seem to rank highly in just about every other neighborhood.

Keeping it classic are Park Slope and Clinton Hill.

The inhabitants of family-friendly Park Slope most gravitate toward Ann Taylor Loft and The North Face, while those in Clinton Hill keep it low-key but professional with Nine West and DKNY.

Home to career brands are DUMBO, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights and Carroll Gardens.

It may be a case of all work and no play for DUMBO area and Caroll Gardens residents. Residents have the professional vibe down with Cole Haan and Tahari in DUMBO/Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights, Kate Spade in Carroll Gardens, and career-chic Theory and Nanette Lepore among the top for both neighborhoods. However, unlike every other area, Victoria’s Secret didn’t even make the top 20 list here.

Curious about style preferences across the rest of New York City? Take a peek at our earlier post on Manhattan and Queens brands by zipcode.  Eager to hear about the rest of the nation?  See coverage on ChicagoLos Angeles, and San Francisco style unzipped.

“Brands Unzipped” Methodology: Shop It To Me (, the popular free online personal shopper, looked at the style preferences of members in major metropolitan cities. Although this isn’t all statistically perfect, in the spirit of having fun (!), we compared the top 20 most popularly selected brands for each geographic area, based on zipcode.  The brands most members select are from the Shop It To Me “featured brands” list, which is part of the sign-up process, so this data is reflective of the labels contained in that list. The above is not an exhaustive review of all Brooklyn zipcodes, but simply a smattering of some of the zipcodes where we have the most members.{Randomly selected sample: Brooklyn 9,600 members.}

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Shop It To Me, Unzipped: Los Angeles

It’s a battle of the blocks when it comes to high-falutin’ fashion in Los Angeles. In much, but not all, of this city to the stars (and aspiring stars), expense is not spared when it comes to brand preferences. Here’s what Shop It To Me’s zip code data reveals:

Popular Brands by LA Zipcode

(click image to enlarge)

Bel Air money versus Beverly Hills money

Two neighborhoods with equally high-end vibes, but distinct from each other. Beverly Hills shoppers tend towards old world brands (Ralph Lauren and Fendi) while Bel Air shoppers have a thing for Dolce & Gabbana. This is not to say Beverly Hills doesn’t have its share of flash—Juicy Couture and GUESS make the cut there—but perhaps reveals the tastes of an older, more seasoned audience. Mom lives in 90210 and buys Ralph Lauren, while daughter lives in 90077 and shops for Vince cashmere sweaters and Prada bags.

If you want a bargain, get thee to Hollywood

Seemingly the only zip code in L.A. where inhabitants select their fair share of bargain brands is 90027. In Hollywood, they’re fans of Victoria’s Secret and Steve Madden—two stores where it’s feasible to score a couple items without tipping the $100 point, particularly during sale time. When not shopping for bargains, Hollywood-ers also adore Betsey Johnson, the fun and free-spirited line of designer dresses and duds that can be had for well below Dolce prices.

Where do down-to-earth fashionistas hide in L.A.? Santa Monica

The city’s laid-back westerly nabe isn’t ashamed about its thing for Michael by Michael Kors. Yes, that’s Michael by Michael Kors—not the designer’s pricier Michael Kors line. Proof that totally affordable fashion like great bags, cute dresses  and trendy boots fit right in with Santa Monica’s chic but unpretentious vibe.

“Brands Unzipped” Methodology: Shop It To Me (, the popular free online personal shopper, took a random sample of its members in major metropolitan cities, and analyzed the most popularly selected brands within each geography.  We compared the top 20 most selected brands for each area.  {Randomly selected sample: Los Angeles 4754 members.}

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Shop It To Me, Unzipped: San Francisco

San Francisco’s got a reputation for being independent-minded city, and the city’s preferences for fashion lives up to that image. Here’s what Shop It To Me’s zip code reveals about our very own website’s hometown:

popular brands by San Francisco zipcode

(click image to enlarge)

The active, sporty lifestyle is strong in…The Marina & Cow Hollow

Amid the Marina and Cow Hollow’s upscale preppies, sportswear label Nike tops the list of best-loved brands. Also ranked highly: Ella Moss, the California-born line of yoga-casual tunic tops, tees and striped dresses. 94123-ers like their jeans, too: Comfy, premium jean line Paper Denim & Cloth is a favorite.

S.F.’s most “label” conscious neighborhood is…Pacific Heights

No surprises here. The neighborhood that’s always defined itself as capital “P” posh (and the world of Danielle Steele) has a serious thing for designer fashion, albeit of the kind founded and helmed by strong, forward-thinking women, including Tory Burch, Diane Von Furstenberg and Kate Spade.

But if you’re looking for a conscience, head to …The Mission

Where else would Kenneth Cole with its strong liberal message—and urbane leather goods for women and men—resonate as loudly? When not shopping for Kenneth Cole, Missionites also favor the fierce designer minimalism of Calvin Klein.

“Brands Unzipped” Methodology: Shop It To Me (, the popular free online personal shopper, took a random sample of its members in major metropolitan cities, and analyzed the most popularly selected brands within each geography.  We compared the top 20 most selected brands for each area.  {Randomly selected sample: San Francisco 10,360 members.}

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Shop It To Me, Unzipped: Chicago

When it comes to fashion, Chicago’s often been pitted against its rival cities on the east and west coast. Lately, the city’s enjoyed a little bit of come-uppance thanks in no small part to a lady named Michelle Obama and her secret style weapon and fashion advisor, Chicago boutique owner Ikram Goldman. What makes the city’s shoppers tick? Read Shop It To Me’s data and find out.

Popular brands by Chicago zipcode

(click image to enlarge)

They put the gold in…The Gold Coast

If you’re seeking luxury label aficionados, look no further than the aptly named Gold Coast, where, in addition to being an Ugg-loving lot (hey, Chicagoans have to stay warm and chic in their cold climate!), residents of this zip code have a serious thing for Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

Budget shoppers come together in…Wrigleyville

No Gold Coast here! It’s all about Ann Taylor and its cool younger sister label, Ann Taylor LOFT in northside nabe, Wrigleyville. Aside from career clothes, inhabitants of this storied ’hood are fans of Victoria’s Secret and Uggs—proof that the mandate of keeping cozy knows no zip code boundaries.

If you’re a hipster, you probably live in…Wicker Park

Yeah, Wicker Park might be too pricey these days for true hipsters to afford to live there, but its locals definitely like to stay on the cutting edge of fashion, selecting labels such as Puma, Free People and 7 for All Mankind on their list of favorites. And they too, dress for the city’s sub-zero weather: North Face is another top brand.

Tomorrow we’ll head to the West Coast to look at the brand preferences for California girls – both San Francisco and Los Angeles.

“Brands Unzipped” Methodology: Shop It To Me (, the popular free online personal shopper, took a random sample of its members in major metropolitan cities, and analyzed the most popularly selected brands within each geography.  We compared the top 20 most selected brands for each area.  {Randomly selected sample: Chicago 26,700 members.}

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Shop It To Me, Unzipped: NYC

Yesterday we discussed how the place you call home—right down to your exact zip code—may reveal your shopping “DNA,” i.e. your predisposition towards certain brands and designers. Nowhere are the differences so pronounced from neighborhood to neighborhood as in New York City. Here’s what the data collected by Shop It To Me reveals:

Popular brands by NYC zipcode

(click image to enlarge)

You can find the most diverse shopping taste in the city in…Jamaica, Queens

Who woulda thunk it?! The neighborhood otherwise famous for proximity to JFK Airport really marches to the beat of its own drum when it comes to fashion brands. Popular in 11432? Ann Taylor LOFT. Dolce and Gabbana. Juicy Couture (This is the only New York City neighborhood that mentions Juicy anywhere on its list of favorites—comparable numbers of Juicy fans probably only reside in the ’burbs or on the country’s left coast). Can you say “hodgepodge?”

The most conservative dressers live on…The Upper West Side

The top brands in 10025 (Banana, Nine West, Tahari) are no more at home on this area’s city blocks than in every suburban mall in America, but they’re no less appealing for their well-priced, stylish basics, cute dresses and polished career clothes.

They’re all about their accessories in…Midtown West

Whether it’s affordable luxury in the form of Cole Haan and Tory Burch or splurge-y, sexy footwear via Jimmy Choo, 10019-ers cite accessory brands as number one on their lists. Midtown’s clearly home to not just the headquarters of the Hearst magazine empire but shoppers with a sense of practicality — with the income to shell out for a pair of high-heels with a couple zeros at the end of the price-tag.

They’ll look for a deal but not at a department store in…The East Village

If you’ve ever lived in 10003, you know it’s home to not only a huge population of NYU students and hipsters, but also some of the city’s funkiest dressers (next stop: Williamsburg, Brooklyn). Makes sense then that East Village shoppers have a thing for Free People, a real-people priced line of boho-minded clothes and accessories. This is a nabe where a brand’s gotta meet the both the constraints of a college budget and an independent-minded stylista—though 10003-ers’ love for labels like Chloe and Vince would indicate that fashion often trumps bank accounts.

Luxury knows no bar in…Murray Hill

Some places you just expect to find a lion’s share of devotees of designer fashion (aka the Upper East Side, fictional stomping grounds of the Gossip Girl characters). Some places you wouldn’t necessarily anticipate it, aka decidedly unglamorous Murray Hill (best-known as home to throngs of post-college grads, looking to make their first big break in the city), where luxury house Louis Vuitton rules as one of the area’s preferred brands. Also big among the secretly spendy residents of 10016: Prada and Diane Von Furstenberg.

Stay tuned — next up…Chicago!

“Brands Unzipped” Methodology: Shop It To Me (, the popular free online personal shopper, took a random sample of its members in major metropolitan cities, and analyzed the most popularly selected brands within each geography.  We compared the top 20 most selected brands for each zipcode.  {Randomly selected sample: New York 26,600 members.}

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Shop It To Me, Unzipped: The Brands You Love Where You Live

Remember when you first signed up for Shop It To Me and you typed in your Zip Code, then selected a list of brands that interested you most? Well, we’re a seriously curious bunch here at Shop It To Me—and we decided it was high time to take stock of what labels shoppers are lusting after, by Zip Code. We surveyed data from four major U.S. cities—San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago; all week, we’ll be sharing the results with you here.

Turns out, your city—even your neighborhood—may imbue you with distinct sartorial preferences. You know, those stereotypes about New York gals wearing nothing but black, and Angelenos wearing their flip-flops everywhere? We’re just saying….

popular brands across the USA

(click image to enlarge)

The Big Apple:

For instance, if you’re a resident of New York’s Columbia University area, 10025, Banana Republic probably tops your list of preferences, while living across town in 10021, the posh Upper East Side, means you’re more likely to favor Theory. 10025-ers cite Nine West as a footwear favorite, while 10021-ers covet Jimmy Choo. Meanwhile, downtown New Yorkers surveyed in neighborhoods from Soho to the East Village go for a high-low mix, from affordable label Free People to pricey Chloe and smaller luxury labels like Vince. Surprisingly, Tory Burch ranks higher in popularity among Soho denizens than on the Upper East Side, where she launched out of her apartment in 2004. And—hot among inhabitants of 10027 a.k.a. Central Harlem—well, it’s Victoria’s Secret!

California Girls:

On the opposite coast, Californians, both Angelenos and Bay Area residents, select casual lifestyle brands like Ella Moss and North Face on their must-have lists whereas those brands barely make a dent on East Coast top 10 radars. Maybe expectedly for a smaller city, Bay Area preferences don’t vary nearly as much as New York City from Zip Code to Zip Code—whether you shack up in Pac Heights or the Haight you’re probably a fan of Citizens of Humanity, Kate Spade and Diane Von Furstenberg. (Wait, Kate Spade is more popular in California than New York?) Los Angeles definitely divides on Zip Code lines. Don’t go looking for a cheap brand on the wish lists of your 90077 crowd (it’s all about Prada, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana in Bel Air). Beverly Hills, however, prefers Juicy Couture. To get into humbler territory, a la Steve Madden, you’ve got to venture into 90027, also known as Hollywood, where the brands are no less mainstream but certainly more affordable.

Windy City:

Regional differences may obviously also be a matter of climate. If you’re living on Chicago’s Gold Coast (60610) or Wrigleyville (60657), you’re likely to be keeping warm in your practical but chic UGG boots. Chicagoans also demonstrate a definite preference for larger, established brands—makes sense for a city that prides itself on the “biggest” of everything, right?

Stay tuned throughout the week as we share even more highlights unique to the zips in each of these 4 stylish cities. Tomorrow, we’ll showcase New York & Chicago in more detail, and cruise over to the West Coast (San Francisco and Los Angeles) on Friday.

“Brands Unzipped” Methodology:

Shop It To Me (, the popular free online personal shopper, took a random sample of its members in each of 4 major metropolitan cities, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and analyzed the most popularly selected brands within each geography.  We compared the top 20 most selected brands for each area.  {Randomly selected sample: New York 26,000; Los Angeles 4,800, Chicago 26,000, San Francisco 10,000 members.}

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